Today 12th of Nov 2018

Low clouds and sun: At high altitudes, the air masses become drier, while in the deep layers of the atmosphere it remains moist.

The weather

Monday will begin in many valleys with low clouds that will partly dissolve during the day. Sunnier weather is expected in the eastern parts of South Tyrol. Mild climate for the season with maximum values between 11° and 15°.

Mountain weather

At medium altitudes, low clouds will often hinder visibility. Over 2000/2500 m, the sun will shine all day long. Mild climate.

Tomorrow 13th of Nov 2018

The next days

wednesday 14
Partly cloudy
max: 16°
min: 0°
thursday 15
max: 15°
min: -3°
friday 16
Partly cloudy
max: 15°
min: -3°
saturday 17
Partly cloudy
max: 14°
min: -4°